Medhat Albsugy


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My primary area of specialization lies in


Solution Architecture

I excel in crafting and executing systems architecture while seamlessly integrating updated specifications and requirements.


Software Development

My proficiency extends to composing meticulously designed, easily testable, and highly efficient code by adhering to best software development practices.


Experience Design

I possess an innate aptitude for design and problem-solving, which extends to user interface (UI) and experience design, enabling me to sculpt the framework effectively.

Design Portfolio

Have a look at a selection of my work.

Wordpress digital agency redesign
KLG Redesign
Chestnut Learning Redesign
Fairous blog template


Get to know me better.

I'm a seasoned Frontend developer with more than a decade of experience. My mission is to enhance development efficiency by implementing best practices to elevate code quality, maintainable codebases, and an outstanding user experience. My coding philosophy revolves around crafting clean, elegant, and highly efficient code.


Languages, Frameworks, Tools and Technologies

ReactJS, Redux, NextJS, Javascript (ES6), HTML5, CSS3, Git, Webpack, Jest, React Native, Data visualization PHP, MySQL, UI/Experience design.

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